edgyDON'T FOLLOW IF...edgy

★You like Homestuck, Attack on Titan, Hetalia, Killing Stalking, Voltron, Steven's Universe, Nekopara, DMMD, or any similar things

★You support/participate in DDLG/CGL/any ageplay or daddy kink variant

★You post NSFW or any kind of 'ecchi' bullshit

★You are a bigot (racist, homo/transphobic, antisemitic, misogynistic, etc) or believe in ~reverse oppression~ of ANY KIND

★You use slurs you can't reclaim

★You whitewash dark skinned characters, draw fat characters skinny, or disabled characters as able bodied

★You get asshurt over LGBT headcanons, headcanoning white characters as POC, headcanoning characters as being mixed race, or drawing pale characters with darker skin

★You're a Kpop Stan. I don't care what groups or artists you do or don't stan, I don't want you to follow me.

★You are over 30

★You think incest, pedophilia, r*pe or abuse are ok to fetishize or romanticize in fiction

★You think it's ok to ship canonly gay characters with characters of the opposite gender, or headcanon them as anything other than their canon sexuality

★You 'identify' as an anti-SJW, anti-feminist, otaku, loli/shotacon, MAP/NOMAP/any other Stealth Pedophile term, weeaboo, fujoshi, or an 'anti anti'

★You support MOGAI identities (demisexual, skoliosexual, circumgender, etc)

★You are a truscum/transmed or a TERF/radfem/gender critical/any other stupid ass term TERFs call themselves or support/tolerate them. This includes people that are anti he/him lesbians and she/her gay men



★I say retard and dyke a lot. I am an autistic lesbian and can reclaim both.

★Yes I say the Retard Word a lot but I don't call random people slurs.

★I'm a proud misandrist and I hate men. Die mad about it bitch. I hate cishetties and skinny people too.

★I can't and don't tag anything other than f*ndoms, pedophilia, abuse, r*pe, transmisogyny and lesbophobia. Don't ask me to tag anything else because I won't.

★If you say some stupid dumb bitch shit to me I reserve the right to publically mock you.

★I don't owe you any information about my personal life. That includes nosey ass anons demanding I explain my trauma in full detail. Get fucked

★If you like BNHA I don't care if you follow me but I hate it and think it's mega cringe and will make fun of it. No I will not Tag My BNHA Hate Uwu your pedo fanservice hero anime is shit and you need to know that

★I LOVE horror in general and I will post about it a lot. I also love Momo (the creepy bird lady statue with her tits out) so if you're sensitive to that stuff don't follow because I won't tag it for you