kiwawi l INTERESTS kiwawi r

edgyhere's a long ass and by no means complete or ordered list of shit i'm intoedgy

edgyones with pixels next to them are current favorites or special interests. hmu on any of my social meedz to witness me autisming about them for hoursedgy


  • deresutelooky
  • ensemble starslooky
  • jojo's bizarre adventurelooky
  • touhou
  • vocaloid
  • bandorilooky
  • splatoon
  • oshiete galko-chan
  • shikilooky
  • super sonico
  • monster high
  • persona (mostly only in it for the girls)
  • magical girl raising project
  • hypnosis mic
  • yume nikki
  • general horror
  • my nyas